Die2Nite is always evolving. Right?

MyHordes is a web-browser game where you join 39 other citizens to survive against hordes of zombies attacking your town each night.

It is based on the games Hordes, Die Verdammten, Zombinoia and Die2Nite developed by Motion Twin, a French video-game company.

Since 2017, those games did not have any updates at all and by the March 2020, Motion Twin decided to officially abandon their games (french link). With the help of many people, a new association has been made called Eternaltwin to help save those game that many players still play these days using sustainable codebase (such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript source code).

I personaly joined the MyHordes project to help save this game I played for many years now. We have reach a point where the game is a real lookalike of the original games. Only balancing, a few bugs and some minor functions are still to be done.

The four variant have been merged into one game, to help the different communities to compete for the best performance and, maybe, to create new friends across the world!

The game is reachable at different addresses, such as myhordes.de, myhord.es or myhordes.eu.

Feel free to give it a try, maybe you’ll enjoy dying multiple times 😀