MyHordes – Where death is not the end

Hey there !

For 2 years now, I’ve joined a game-project named MyHordes. This project is a full rewrite from the games Hordes, DieVerdammten, Zombinoia and Die2Nite.

Those game were originally made by the French Dev Company Motion-Twin.

What are the Original Games

The original games are browser-based games, meaning it does not require anything to be downloaded before you can play them (like OGame for instance).

In these games, you join 39 fellow citizens into a town. Your only goal (or not): make it last as long as possible. It’s up to you to organize the town.

Each night, the zombies hordes attack your town, trying to go beyond your defences to eat everyone in the town. The citizen that dies the last will be the Hero of the Town.

The game has a season system, which rewards the bravest citizens that managed to make their town last the longest.

Why a full rewrite?

Those game are using Adobe Flash to perform the main action of the game: moving outside of the town. Adobe Flash went EOL on December 31st, 2020. It then became unusable on January 12, 2021.
Some people wrote Browser Extension to replace the Flash system by a full HTML5 replacement, but those project were incomplete.

Also, the games are not in sync feature-side (Hordes is in Season 14, Die2Nite in Season 13, DieVerdammten in Season 11 and Zombinoia in Season 10) and had no update since 2017.

Brainbox was the initiator of the project. He wanted to improve DieVerdammten and add some new fancy stuffs.

On Mars 2020, Motion-Twin explicitely said they won’t maintain the games anymore, and they will be closed when people stop playing.
The next week, a new entity was made : Eternaltwin. The purpose of the entity : Recreate every game Motion-Twin made, but future-proof. MyHordes joined the project a few days later, earning a few more developers (including me) to help Brainbox working on the game.

How can we play it?

The game is fully available at, or (the 3 links leads to the same website).

We’re almost done recreating the game, after a huge time spent on reverse-engineering all the probabilities. The end of the Beta Season is scheduled on February 11th, 2023.